The Kandy Man is an antagonist in the Doctor Who episode The Happiness Patrol. He was a robot with an outer shell made from candy and served Helen A on the planet Terra Alpha and delighted in making torture and destruction with confectionery. He was responsible for killing "Killjoys" (people who were arrested for not being happy) by smothering them with boiling liquid candy known as Fondant Surprise.

He was a sadistic executioner who spoke with a metallic squeaky child-like voice who produced deadly sweets to suit it's role for execution of sadness. The sweets were supposedly so delicious the human body couldn't cope and would overload their senses and kill them.

The Seventh Doctor and Earl Sigma whilst escaping from the Happiness Patrol entered the Kandy Kitchen and ran into the Kandy Man but the Doctor outsmarted him by tricking him into spilling lemonade onto his feet sticking him to the spot giving the Doctor and Earl time to escape.

The Doctor returned to the Kandy Kitchen and sprayed water on the Kandy Man's feet freeing him before making him stop Fondant Surprise from being poured on a former member of the Happiness Patrol Susan Q. After this the Kandy Man tried to kill the Doctor but was once again stuck to the spot by him.

Later the Doctor returned again to the Kandy Kitchen along with his companion Ace to confront the Kandy Man forcing him to retreat to the pipes.

He was later killed when Pipe People sent Fondant Surprise down the pipes causing the robot's outer shell to dissolve leaving nothing but his metal insides left which were discovered by his creator Gilbert M and Helen A's husband Joseph C.

He was played by David John Pope.



  • After part two of The Happiness Patrol was broadcast HB Stokes the chairman of Bassett Foods complained that the Kandy Man resembled the company's mascot Bertie Bassett. But Stokes was assured that the character would not be used in the series again.
  • On April Fools Day 2010, Doctor Who TV reported that the Kandy Man would be the main villain of Matt Smith's first series.