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Kamos is a supporting antagonist in the Fall of the Trident campaign of the PC Game, Age of Mythology. He is a minotaur and leader of a group of pirates called the Black Sails, and have constantly raided the coasts of Atlantis. He is also the nemesis of the Atlantean Admiral and protagonist, Arkantos, whose wife was killed during a raid. At some point, he lost his hand trying to tame a sea creature. It was then replaced by a sword which he uses as his personal weapon.

Kamos first appeared leading yet another raid on Atlantis. During which, he stole the trident from the Statue of Poseidon, Atlantis' deity. Arkantos later went to take it back. Upon defeat, Kamos swore that one day, he would have his head mounted on his mast. He then jumped onto a sea creature to escape.

It is later discovered that he is in league with a cyclops named Gargarensis, who seeks to free Kronos from Tartarus and become immortal. Gargarensis berated Kamos for his failure to kill the Atlantean, thus causing his failure to open the first gate to Tartarus.

Much later, Kamos was entrusted to watch over a piece of the dead God, Osiris. Arkansas, with his friend Ajax, stormed Kamos' base and took back the Osiris piece. Arkantos then confronted Kamos personally, and even in the face of defeat, he stated that Arkantos will still die someday, even if not by his own hand. He then lashed out to attack, but Arkantos stabbed him in the chest with his spear. Kamos then fell off a cliff and hit the rocks, dead.

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