Kammy Koopa (カメックババ, Kamekkubaba) is an old, female Magikoopa that acts as an adviser to Bowser. She made her first appearance as the secondary antagonist of Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64, then returned as a minor antagonist and comic relief of the sequel, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Role in the Koopa Troop

Kammy is Bowser's right hand in the Paper Mario games, acting as the "brains" of all his plains. In Paper Mario helped Bowser break into the Star Sanctuary and steal the Star Rod, as well as aided him during his reign of terror. She informs Bowser of Mario's progress and offers suggestions on what to do for the situation. While she is smarter than Bowser (she suspected Princess Peach of not being entirely honest when Bowser wanted her to tell him thigns Mario hated), she is also completely loyal to Bowser and will follow orders without question. She also created the Power Platform, which increased Bowser's power to the point when the regular Star Beam didn't work.

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, she was downplayed somewhat and reduced to a comic relief role, offering to help the Koopa King, but not actually doing much.


Being a Magikoopa, she knows a variety of magic. One of her signature spells is creating a larger yellow block that blocks paths or can be smashed into opponents in battle. She can also increase power, increase defense, and heal, as well as do many other powerful spells