Kamikiri Inves
The Kamikiri Inves is an Evolved Inves which Kamen Rider Gridon intentionaly allows to be created to give himself and Kamen Rider Kurokage a head-start in the "game" developed by Mitch to draw out the white Armored Rider by throwing a Himawari Lockseed at a Elementary Inves.

It can use its antennae as whips, and is resistant to Kamen Rider Ryugen Budou Arms' attacks, but it does show a weakness to Kiwi Arms' Kiwi Gekirin. Kamen Rider Gaim Suika Arms eventually destroys the Inves.

A second one appears, joined by a Shika Inves and a Komori Inves, attacking Gaim who was already engaged with three Elementary Inves. It was destroyed by Gaim's Daidaimaru Nagimata Mode.


  • Episodes: 10, 12
  • Destroyed by:
    1. Kamen Rider Gaim Suika Arms' Suika Large Windmill
    2. Kamen Rider Gaim Orange Arms' Daidaimaru Nagimata Mode.
  • Animal Basis: Longhorn beetle
  • Height: 232 cm
  • Weight: 168 kg