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Kameragong Senior

Father of Kameragong and enemy of Japan


In Episode "Samurai Vac," his son brought to get revenge on his bully (Jenny) and look in surprise. He ate her and spit to the the street leaving a hole on the ground. Samurai Vac tickle him to distract him and shooting dust in his snake head mouth, making sneeze and burning his butt and lion head bald. Japan people laugh at his humatilation and he ran away in shame.

Abillties and Traits

Fire breath, super-strength, large size, sharper teeth, buff body and claw feet. He is wiser, bigger, mature and prideful than his son, it's seen by Japan people are more scare of him than his son.


He is ticklish, blind pride and laughing at him effect his self-esteem.

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