Kameragong is son of Kameragong Senior and another monster enemy of Jenny. Later, becoming Samurai Vac enemy after his lost to him.


In Episode "Samurai Vac", he attack Japan and Samurai Vac stop him briefly. He laugh at the samurai and about the step on him, Jenny went interupt him and defeated by being thrown back home.

Later, he brings his father to get revenge on Jenny and later insulted the samurai again by saying he no samurai, that a silly vacum cleaner. When, he saw his father lost to him and Jenny in anger. He runs away and respected Samurai Vac.

Abillites and Traits

Fire-breath, powerful strenght, large size, three heads and sharp teeth. He is mean, arrogant, not-too bright and a bully to people thats not a threat to him, he is respectful to his father and easily be distract by seeing something funny. Having four heads with different personas, lion head is pride and arrogance, goat head is the dim and quiet, eagle head with a quil on his head is level and sense of humor and snake head on the tail is serious.