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The movie Saraba Kamen Rider Den-O: Final Countdown introduces a new system, Kamen Rider Yuuki, an evil Kamen Rider system used by those who have control over the Ghost Train, a skull-faced steam-engine that transcends the world of the dead and the flow of time.



Main article: Ghost Imagin
Skull Form!
~ Transformation announcement

Skull Form

Skull Formis the form of Yuuki that is accessed when Ryotaro Nogami is possessed by the Ghost Imagin. In Skull Form, Yuuki's Full Charge is the Terminate Flash using the sword of the Ghost Imagin. As the name and design implies, Skull Form's motif is the skeleton.

Main article: Shiro
Hijack Form!
~ Transformation announcement

Hijack Form

Hijack Form is the form of Kamen Rider Yuuki that Shiro accesses on his own. Hijack Form has a black and red color scheme, compared to Skull Form's black and gold color scheme, lacking the skull-theme. Hijack Form also performs the Terminate Flash, but does so with his Savage Gasher sword, which is a reconfigured DenGasher.


Yuuki Belt

Like Den-O, by using the Rider Pass and the Yuuki Belt, A-Ryotaro and Shiro are able to transform into Yuuki.

Ghost Train

Ghost Train is a skull-faced steam-engine that transcends the world of the dead and the flow of time.


  • Though identified as one Kamen Rider, like Kamen Rider Den-O, Yuuki is actually more than one character.
  • Yuuki is visually based on a pirate and a killer whale.
  • The Gaoh-like armor has an aged appearance, with rust and numerous scratches dotting its surface, keeping with the overall theme of death along with elements of the samurai and steam trains.

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