You have a nasty habit of surviving.
~ Kamal Khan to Bond.
Mr Bond is indeed a very rare breed, soon to be made extinct.
~ Kamal Khan.

Kamal Khan is one of the two main antagonists of the 1983 James Bond film Octopussy.

He was portrayed by the late Louis Jourdan, who also played Dracula in the 1977 BBC television production Count Dracula and Anton Arcane in 1982 film Swamp Thing and in its sequel 1989 The Return of Swamp Thing.


Khan is a suave exiled Afghan prince living in India in the Monsoon Palace. He has a penchant for fine food and liquor, priceless jewels, and atomic weaponry. Khan also operates a sports club for tennis, polo, cricket and game hunting. Station I agent, Vijay, works undercover there as a tennis pro. Khan associates himself with the power-crazed General Orlov in an attempt to unleash nuclear holocaust in Western Europe.

To finance this, the pair enter a scheme to generate funds by selling fake jewelry including a Faberge egg. They then plan to detonate a nuclear bomb inside a US airbase in West Germany, using his mistress Octopussy's circus as a cover. Octopussy is unaware of this, thinking she smuggles jewelry to Zurich to share the profit with Orlov and Khan. The pair instead plan to replace the jewelry with the bomb. The following detonation would be labeled as an "accident", as the Air Force's early warning systems would have no evidence of a Russian nuclear missile start. This will encourage NATO to abandon nuclear arms, and allow Orlov's armies to invade the West. When the plan goes afoul, Khan leaves both his employer and Octopussy to die in the nuclear blast and returns to India.

After Khan and Gobinda escape, they attempt to steal the goods of Octopussy's palace. Surprised when Octopussy shows up alive, he and Gobinda kidnap her and climb aboard Khan's plane. Bond jumps onto the outside of the plane and defeats Gobinda in hand-to-hand combat while Khan makes the plane do dangerous flips and turns. Bond detaches the fuel line, causing the plane to nosedive, and leaps off with Octopussy just as Khan desperately tries to land. The runway is too short and the plane ends up going over a cliff. It later crashes and explodes, killing Khan.



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