Kamakiri Yummy
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The Kamakiri Yummy is a mantis Yummy created by Uva via a Kamakiri Cell Medal, formed from a woman's (portrayed by Maaya Natsuno) desire to have a particular necklace in a jewelry store, resulting in the White Yummy eating all of the jewelry in the sform. The power he gets from the Cell Medal enables him to form several scyt. While he locates him and overpowers the incomplete Greeed with ease, Eiji intervenes and prevents him from finishing Ankh off. In return, Ankh grants Eiji the ability to become Kamen Rider OOO and fight back. During the ensuing fight against Tatoba Combo, Ankh gives Kamen Rider OOO the Kamakiri Core Medal and to transform into Takakiriba. In this new form, Kamen Rider OOO destroys the Kamakiri Yummy with his Kamakiri Swords.

Superhero Taisen Z

Kamakiri Yummy revived as a member of Space Shocker, join up with Space Spider-Man group. He was destroy by Kamen Rider Amazon.