Kamakiri's sons are villains in the manga Ginga Densetsu Weed Orion.
They are three Irish wolfhounds who came months later to Ohu Mountains after the event of the volcanic eruption. Those three sons had came to avenge for the death of their father Kamakiri who was killed by Hiro long ago. On their way, they encountered Sasuke and captured him for interrogation but luckily, the three Kishu dogs Shirozaru, Lara and Muu were nearby and rescued Sasuke. The eldest of the three sons tries to attack Shirozaru and it's almost a success, but still turns out to be a failed attempt. Later on, when Sirius was lost in the forest from looking for his younger siblings, Kamakiri's sons spotted him when they were on their way to the ruined Ou mountains. Instead of killing the puppy, they decided to kidnap Sirius as their hostage. Currently, they have Sirius as their captive for brainwashing him into their soldier.