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Kamagirijin Neo-Shocker Kaijin
Kamagirijin (カマギリジン Kamagirijin?, 7): A satanist mantis cyborg able to convert his arms into sickles that he uses in his deadly Kamagiri Boomerang attack. Kamagirijin is from Neo-Shocker's European branch, selected by other branches' leaders to assist the Japan Branch with SkyRider. Arriving in Tokyo in a casket, Kamagirijin assumes the form of a pierrot to find a sibling pair of a 13 year boy and a 7 year girl to sacrifice in order for his Satan Mantis clones to hatch and weed out the Japanese population. He manage to find his sacrificial lambs in Kyoko and her big brother Michiru before SkyRider drives him off. Refusing to give up, Kamagirijin sets up a distraction so he can get the children and proceeds with the ritual sacrifice. But SkyRider intervenes and kills Kamagirijin with his Sky Kick, causing the cyborg's base to explode with his eggs destroyed in the blast.

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