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Kama Banki
Kama Banki (14): He is a bath heater Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Kegalesia, says 'Come On' in his sentences. Using a pink mist from his nostrils, Kama Banki teleports people into the hotsprings on his head where their cares are steamed away. In doing so, he is removing any interference in Gaiark's plan—which is humanity. A dojo owner is able to beat him, so Kegalesia goes to learn his secret. She tells Kama to stand under a waterfall and he reaches enlightenment in doing so. His power reaches zenith but he is defeated by a love-filled Hanto and Engine-Oh G6 with the wrong souls in different casts.


  • Height: 218 cm to 54.5 m
  • Weight: 270 kg to 675 t

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