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Kalle Demos

Kallie Demos

Kallie Demos is a plant-like monster and a vilain in the Legend of Zelda video game series.

Just as Link arrives to the Forest Haven, he discovers another calamity has happened. Makar, one of the Koroks, is trapped inside the Forbidden Woods, a 

place full of evil flora that was once the Koroks' original homeland. Link needs to rescue him, as the Great Deku Tree pleads him, not only for Makar's well-being but because without him, the Korok Ceremony, a very important Korok holiday, cannot take place. Link accepts and directs himself to the Forbidden Woods. After much toil and trouble, Link finds Makar but to Link's horror, a "plant" swallowed him in one single bite.

This large vine-lashing plant-monster, Kalle Demos, is the source of all evil inside the Forbidden Woods and Link must defeat it before it digests Makar. Whether it had started out as a regular Boko Baba who mutated into a giant plant, or a Boko Baba corrupted and strengthened by Ganondorf is unknown at this time. Two other possibilities are that it could either be a separate species of Boko Baba, or simply a flowering Boko Baba. The battle lasted for a while, and Link defeated Demos and rescued Makar.

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