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Please see Kali for other villains with this name.

Kali was an unseen villain in the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

The Thugee cult was a group of religious fanatics that worshipped Kali by offering her human sacrifice. The cult was apparently wiped out at the hands of the British in the 19th century.

However the cult survived the British attack and continued in secret. In the 1930s the group was led by Mola Ram and based out of Pankot Palace. Hoping to summon Kali to help them take over the world, the cult kidnapped children from nearby villages as well as stealing three of the five Sankara Stones. The group forced the children to mine for the other two stones.

However Indiana Jones, Short Round, and Willie Scott happened upon the group. Indiana Jones was able to retrieve the three stones that were in possession of the cult in order to keep Kali from being summoned. Summoning the power of Shiva Jones was able to defeat Mola Ram when the stones burned Mola Ram's hand, causing him to fall into a river where he was devoured by crocodiles. Jones retrieved the stone that was stolen from the nearby village and returned it to them along with setting the children free to be reunited with their families.

Meanwhile the remaining Thugee forces were captured or killed, and Kali was unable to come forth to help put the Thugee into power.


  • This portrayal of Kali was considered controversial due to the misconceptions over her role in Hindu culture which were caused in part by the film.

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