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[[File:after cal said pick you up in a hour he should gave marnie a kiss on the lips instead of giving her the rose then he should said meeting you was everything i hoped it would be. then cal should have went home. then marnie should have went back upstairs on the computer to say that she has a date to the costume party with a cute guy named cal instead of going to hallowentown. after cal casted the gray spell on halloweentown he should have put on his costume on and take marnie to the costume party on marnie broom. Then cal and marnie should have danced together and kiss each other on the lips then and marnie should have been voted king and queen for there great costumes after the party was over cal should have took marnie back home and said that he had a great time with her then they should have made another date at a restaurant tomorrow then cal and marnie should have kiss marnie on the lips then cal should have gone back home|64px]] pick you up in a hour.
~ Cal asking Marnie piper out on a date.

Kal (also spelled "Cal") was the main hero of the 2001 sequel, Halloweentown 2. He was also the only son of Kalabar cal came to marnie party to meet her and to have a tour of the house. Then to ask her out on a date because they both a magic powers. Then they went to the costume party and had a great time with her. Cal should have been the second protagonist in the second halloweentown movie.

Kal's Revenge

The Witch Marnie, has just spent a year with her grandmother, Aggie. While hosting a mortal neighborhood Halloween Party, Marnie tries to impress a cute new boy, Kal, (unknown to Marnie, he was Kalabar's son) by showing him Aggie's magically-hidden room. Cal, shouldn't have taken the spell book after he said so do you like ice cream. cal should left without taking the spell book.

Soon Aggie noticed unwelcome magical symptoms. She and Marnie traveled to Halloweentown to investigate and fix the problem before the portal between Halloweentown and the Mortal World, open only on Halloween, closed at midnight. They discovered that the whole town had been turned into a made-to-match black and white silent film, and that the inhabitants had been turned into humans (or rather, into what Halloweentownians' saw as humans being: dreary and monotonous beings concerned only with such things as dressing sensibly or sorting socks). The victims included Marnie's goblin friend, Luke. Aggie diagnosed that as the "Grey Spell".

Aggie contacted her grandson, Dylan back home for a spell from her book, and Dylan and Sophie discovered that the book was missing. Marnie and Aggie learned that Kal was actually a warlock, and the son of their sworn enemy, Kalabar (from the previous movie). Cal broke the Code of Merlin, a way of life for all magical beings, by stealing Aggie's book to limit her ability to hinder his attempt to complete his father's revenge on both Halloweentown and the Mortal World. Aggie believed that if he was willing to go that far, then there was nothing that they could put past him.

Aggie searched for her spare copy of her spell book at her house in Halloweentown, but it was missing and she despaired. During a conversation between Aggie and Marnie, about another way to reverse the "Grey Spell," Marnie inadvertently said the spell: "Trapa" which reverted Luke back to his goblin form. Unable to explain the spell's reversal, the group soon believed that it was temporary. The trio traveled to the lair of the well known junk magnet of the universe, Gort, who acquired lost items from both realms. He had been discolored by the Grey Spell and had sold the spare spell book some time ago. Unfortunately, Aggie lost her color and sorted socks with Gort and everyone was trapped in his house. Marnie used time travel to go back before the Grey Spell happened. Unfortunately, when they got there, they learned that Gort had sold the spare spell book to Kalabar about 50 years prior (as Luke says, "Man, Kalabar must have been working on this world domination thing for decades!"). By remembering what things Marnie had been, hastefully, saying back when Luke returned to (Goblin) normal, they learned that, in her haste, she said "trap a" as "trapa", which is "Apart" spelled backwards. Despite being able to use a wizard's lost time-line, to speed up getting back to the present (as, due to the fact that, no matter what time period it was in Halloweentown, time kept moving in the Mortal World). They arrived too late and the portal shut tight with a big, strong, metal, bulletproof door, and trapped Marnie in Halloweentown.

Kal, having enspelled Halloweentown into a monochrome talkie caricature of the Mortal World, was at work enspelling the Mortal World into a Super Technirama 70 monster movie caricature of Halloweentown. Sophie and Dylan realized that Alex, believed to be Cal's father, was actually a Golem intended to distract Gwen. To make their mom believe that, Sophie created a fly. Alex, being made of frogs, ate the fly and ended up getting dispelled by a furious Gwen. Being informed of Kal's plot to turn humans into the creatures that they "mocked" on Halloween, Gwen tried to take off her mask. Cal made the mask stick to her face, then continued his spell.

kal and marnie should have gone to halloweentown together i wish cal and marnie were boyfriend and girlfriend. Cal should have used his powers for good instead of evil. Then cal wouldn't disappear in the end of the movie. Cal should have said dad was wrong your not the enemy and you will never will be.

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