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There's no love in your violence.
~ Kakihara

Moral code, what's that?
~ Kakihara

I was waiting for a pervert like you.
~ Kakihara

Masao Kakihara is the sadistic and masochistic Yakuza enforcer from the manga series Koroshiya 1 - Ichi the Killer and the subsequent movie based on it. He begins a spree of murder and torture when his father is killed by a mysterious assassin after he thought he was kidnapped by the mysterious assassin known only to him as Ichi the Killer who has been ordered to assassinate Kakihara as well.


Kakihara is a sadomasochist. He enjoys piercing himself and others with needles, as well as anything else that feels pain. Kakihara's weapon of choice is skewers, much like how Ichi's weapon of choice is a bladed-backstay-boot.


Kakihara has several distinguishing marks such as having slashes on his bearded face that resembles a number sign. One horizontal slash running across his cheek and nose, another horizontal slash running across his forehead and a vertical slash that connects both slashes over his left eye in addition to his Glasgow-Grin held together by piercing at the edge of his lips which is actually a slitted mouth that allows him to open his jaws to ridiculously wide lengths like a crocodile or a serpent. Kakihara's normal features are described as having a haunting face and wearing an onyx, contemporary, Yakuza-uniform along with having the same hair color as his uniform in both the manga and the anime. In Takashi Miike's live-action film, Kakihara's appearance is depicted as having a handsome face (with the same slashes, piercings and Glasgow-Grin) and wearing multi-colored, custom-made suits along with sporting dyed-blonde hair (he swapped hair colors with his friend Karen in the film) and is portrayed by Tadanobu Asano