Kaitlin Cooper who is the minor Antagonist in The O.C. in season 3 and 4. She was a minor character in season 1 and 2, where she went to boarding school. She returned in season 3, where she blossomed into a beautiful girl. Kaitlin is more like her mother and wants to date the hottest and the richest guy in Newport. Just like her mother she wants to be a princess of Newport Beach. She stirs up trouble when she first came here and trying to piss off her sister Marissa and flirt with Johnny Harper. Johnny had a crush on Marissa, but she turned him down. Johnny knew she was dating Ryan and he was okay with it. Johnny dated Kaitlin, he was unaware that she is bad news. She drove him to drink and made him commit suicide. She also drove Seth Cohen into smoking pot. Which he stopped, she also blackmailed Summer Roberts father, stealing clothes for charity and throwing wild parties. Before their was Jenny Humphrey and Magnolia Breeland, their was Kaitlin Cooper. She did change a little when she was dating Will Tutt a band geek for a few days. She is no Summer Roberts when she dated a geek. She decided to reform herself when her mother Julie decide not to pick anyone to marry. She decided to run her own life and went back to college and start over with a new kid. Kaitlin starts to reform and decided to follow her mother's footsteps and going to college.