Kai ribbit

Kai is the main antagonist of the 2014 computer-animated Malaysian film, Ribbit. He is a sneaky alligator who suffers humans and eats territory invaders.

He was voiced by Sonny Franks.

Role in the film

He first appeared when he taunted Ribbit and Sandy so they wont run away, as he was going to eat them for them invading his territory, but his plan didn't work and he had to run after them. But Jojo and Ollie drown him as he wasn't yet dead. As he got angry, he followed Ribbit and Sandy for revenge and pushed the log they stood on towards the waterfall. Meanwhile, Kai fell the other two didn't but he didn't die this time either.

However, when Ribbit and Sandy came to the princesses city in order to save everyone from the witch doctor, he was tied up onto a table as he sighted Sandy. Sandy tried to release the poisonous dart frogs from the witch doctor's house but he disturbed her from being obsessed with his revenge business, as he was planing to revenge Ribbit and the princess. But Sandy succeeded and he was hopeless until he broke down the house and got released from everything but the ropes tangling around his body like a pets leash.

When he entered the princess's plaza to revenge Ribbit and the witch doctor all the citizens ran away. At last he fought against Ribbit, the witch doctor and Sandy, which the witch doctor was on nobody's side and the witch doctor fell onto him and they where both tied up to each other. The guards were now free and Kai got arrested with the witch doctor.