A hero 6

Kahn, expressing his hatred towards the Overlord.

Kahn was one of the Seven Heroes and a major antagonist in the first Overlord game.


Kahn is an enormous, muscular man, easily twice as tall as the Overlord (Who is almost six feet tall himself). His entire body save for his bald head is covered in armor, decorated with skulls, spikes and two large horns protruding from his back. He always carries around a large black flail, that is so heavy that he almost has to drag it.


Kahn is extremely protective of his lover, Jewel the Thief, another member of the Seven Heroes, and hates letting her out of his sight. Jewel in return doesn't seem to fear him at all, and her defiant nature sometimes causes him to kill nearby henchmen in frustration, since he cant bring himself to hurt her.

Kahn's most prominent trait is undoubtedly his capacity for anger. When the Overlord kidnaps Jewel, he attacks two towns, causes major destruction and kills a large number of civilians to lure his opponent out.

He also has a habit of referring to himself in third person when angry.

Powers and abilities

Kahn is, as mentioned earlier, an unnaturally tall and muscular man, strong enough to destroy buildings and use a flail as big as an adult man. He is presumably the physically most powerful out of the seven heroes.


  • Like all of the Seven heroes, Kahn represents one of the seven deadly sins, in this case wrath.
  • The Seven heroes are also a parody of a typical Fantasy-RPG-Party, with Kahn being the barbarian warrior.