Naruto Kagura without mask by SaveSasuke Kun

Kagura a rogue ninja from the Leaf.

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Kagura in her first appearance.

"All that was just pointless, wasn't it?" - Kagura

"Hmhmhmhm your weak!"- Kagura

Kagura is the main villainess in the Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution series of wii (only) games. She is an exclusive to the Clash of Ninja Revolution series. Her first appearance is in the second game Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 2. She is first seen with her mask but this is what she looks like unmasked. She was known for using the bells in her hair to use a powerful genjutsu that was like mind control. It allowed her to take control of powerful ninja in the Hidden Leaf Village to take down one another. Eventually a squad of ninja took her down aka Naruto Uzumaki and Kakashi Hatake. Towa and Komachi who worked with an elite member of the anbu, Yugao were killed by Kagura's henchmen before they could reach her. Her most well known jutsus were with needles attached to threads. She used her chakra to make needles attached to threads come out of the ground and go in the air to hit her enemies. She was a good friend of Kakashi until the Hidden Leaf wasn't respecting her capabilities as a ninja so that is why she went rogue and hates other ninja's.