Now then, why don't we start, Tsukune? My after school lessons are very strict.
~ Kagome Ririko
I'm a teacher so I deserve to be treated with the utmost respect, but what would an undermining trout know about that! Nothing, that's what, therefor I'm going to have to teach you some respect!
~ Kagome Ririko

Kagome Ririko is a lamia and a teacher at Yokai Academy, a school for monsters. She acts kind and friendly, but on the inside she is a cruel person who abuses the students there with the excuses that they don't give her respect and aren't working hard enough.


Ririko is first seen briefly as a minor character in the episode Girl and a Vampire, but appeared in the next episode Mathematics and a Vampire and the primary villainess.

Tsukune is falling behind in math and Moka offers to tutor him. However, Ririko believes that only teachers are capable of teaching students and tells Tsukune that tomorrow she will teach him herself. When Tsukune does arrive to meet her she shows up in a domanatrix outfit and wielding a whip. Tsukune freaks out but she silences him by whipping him, drawing blood. She then approaches him, and Tsukune's scream is heard.

Tsukune is hypnotised by Ririko so he only focuses on math. Moka tries to give him a notebook that she wrote in to help him, but Ririko arrives. After reading the notebook, she hits Moka with it and accuses her of being the reason Tsukune doesn't study.

Tsukune is forced to do hard math while Ririko watches. At one point he breaks free from her control and starts screaming so she whips him again and brings her under her control once more. After he mutters Moka's name she knocks him to the ground and tells him to get on his knees, which he does. She then sits on him before humping him. She even rips off her panties, much to his horror. He screams and Moka hears him and runs to find him. Ririko is now in her true form and her lower body is that of a serpent. She attaches her appendage on Tsukune's head and electrocutes him so he is only focused on math and her. Moka arrives on the scene and Ririko attacks her, knocking her into a wall. She explains that she educates students and that Moka has another thing coming if she gets between her and a student.

Mizore Shirayuki arrives on the scene and blasts a blizzard at Ririko, infuriating her. She knocks several candles towards Mizore and Moka hits her with one. She swats Moka with her tail and pins her against the wall, causing the pages from the notebook to fall in front of Tsukune, who reads them and breaks free from Ririko's control. He grabs the tail and rips off Moka's rosary, causing Inner Moka to take over. Inner Moka reveals that Ririko is nothing but a small-minded narcissist and kicks her down, defeating Ririko with one hit. Ririko, dazed and stunned, thanks Inner Moka for teaching her guidance. She is then frozen by Mizore.