Kagetomo was the leader of a separatist ninja force in Pokémon who served as the main antagonist in The Legend of the Ninja Hero! and A Festival of Decisions!, he is a former member of Ninja Village. He used to be an extremely competent ninja, and was marked the most eligible to be crowned chief after Hanzo. However, due to his excessive thirst of power and self-assertion, he disagreed with Hanzo's ideas of using one's ninja power for the welfare of people and Pokémon. He got estranged from Hanzo and trained rigorously in exile. He returned, after some years, and abducted Hanzo, in order to use him as a hostage so that he could force the residents of the Ninja village to obey him as the new chief, instead of Ippei. He is first seen coordinating the attack in the village alongside his partners Heidayu and the rest of Ninja Army. Later, when the attack begins, he personally attacks and captures the village elder in front of Sanpei, Shinobu, Ash and his friends. He battles Ippei's Greninja, using a Weavile with excellent potential and shows a remarkable command over ninja tactics. But in the end, Greninja emerges victorious after a hard-fought battle. Realizing his mistake after receiving some pearls of wisdom from Hanzo, he decides to leave the Ninja village in order to train harder, and focus his attention on exploring the true meaning of a ninja's life. Heidayu follows him, while Ippei waits for his return.