Kagema Fukanaga is the leader of the Ishina Clan, clan dedicated to destroy the Fukanaga clan. He is the evil brother of Hologramps and enemy of the Supah Ninjas. He betrayed his brother and his family due to him after floating sword, to complete his ultimate weapon, a robotic ninja named "Hakaisha - The One Who Destroys"

He is the main antagonist of Supah Ninjas.


When Mike, Owen, and Amanda first saw him, they thought he was Hologramps for looking quite similar to him. But later on, they discovered that he's his evil twin brother who is the leader of an evil clan. At the end of the series, Kagema appears before Mike at School and knocks him out, before flying away with him.


Hagema looks similar to Hollogramps as he is said to be his brother. Unlike his brother, Hollogramps, who wears a white robe, Hagema wears a black robe.

Similar Villains

Kagema Fukanaga is similar to following villains includes:

  • Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise: Kagema is similar with Shredder due to:
    • Both are leader of primary antagonistic faction of ninjas in their respective series,
    • Both have bitter relationship with the heroes' mentor (Shredder have odds with Splinter while Kagema have odds with Hologramps)