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Kagami Banki
Kagami Banki (10): A mirror Barbaric Machine Beast created in by all three of the Pollution Ministers, tending to say "Mirror" in his sentences. Because of the pictures Lens Banki took before being destroyed, Kagami Banki can use the mirror on his chest to duplicate the Engines' attacks with his "Mirror Effect". After being recharged with Bikkurium, which took longer in his case, Kagami Banki reveals his true Land/Sky/Sea Form, possessing the powers of all three Pollution Ministers, using it in his "Mirror Bomb" attack. He is the first to be scrapped by Engine-O G6.


  • Height: 215 cm to 53.8 m to 59 m
  • Weight: 242 kg to 605 tons to 665.5 tons

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