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Kade Prurnell is a hero-turn-villain in NBC's Hannibal. She is an investigator for the Office of the Inspector General who is investigating the events of the first season and Jack Crawford’s culpability. Although as a neutral character in early Season Two, she becomes an antagonist in finale.




In Mizumono, Prurnell finally knows the truth that Jack and Will are secretly bringing Hannibal Lecter's downfall, and she dismisses Jack immediatly. Alana Bloom complains to Prurnell about this. Prurnell emotionlessly says she will arrest Will and Jack, causing Alana's anger.


  • She is portrayed by Cynthia Nixon.
  • She is the only Hannibal villain who is a government official.
  • Prurnell is based on the character of Paul Krendler appearing in Thomas Harris' novels. Bryan Fuller initially wanted to name the character Paula Krendler, but was unable to obtain the rights to Hannibal from MGM. As a result, he named the character Kade Prurnell, which is an anagram of 'Paul Krendler'.


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