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Kabula, originally known as Kaboola, was a boss in the Kirby series who is referred to as being a female despite being a blimp and nothing else. She has gone through a ton of changes over the years since she was introduced in the first Kirby game, Kirby's Dreamland.

Physical Appearance

When she was known as Kaboola she had a very simple design which consisted of just a yellow colored blimp with a Shotzo underneath her. She also had a pink eye-like gem on her side. In another game in the series known as Kirby's Block Ball, she kept this appearance but had another Shotzo underneath her to increase the difficulty. But in her most recent appearance however which was in Kirby Super Star Ultra, she had gone through a lot of major changes. Her newest appearance is in the image shown. This consists of her having a tan patchwork fabric stretched over her hull with a menacing face spray painted on face. She is also bigger than she was now and instead of having a Shotzo for a cannon she just has a regular one.


  • It is thought that she is considered a female because of ships, planes, and lots of other mechanical devices being referred to as females.

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