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The Kabuki Twins are two female minions of the Penguin in the TV show The Batman. Both of them are completely identical and they both have no real names, however it is possible that Kabuki might be their last name. It is also possible that they might be huminoids because they contort their body, much like Ragdoll, and since you never see what they look like under their mask, not to mention they have three non-retractable claws on each of their hands. They don't talk and aren't exactly the most intelligent minions out there.


The Twins are tall, sleek girls. When they first appeared, they wore a green kimono and a black Chinese hair style. They also wear identical masks with yellow eyes, black eyebrows, and red cheeks and lips. When they're fighting they wear a pink spandex with 3 non-retractable claws on each of their hands.


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