Kaboom!s are a type of enemy in the Wonderland series of downloadable games created by Midnight Synergy. They are bomb-like monsters that will explode if any of the Stinkers comes next to them. They will also explode if they can no longer move, which is useful in clearing certain passages. They will always walk next to walls.

In Mysteries of Fire Island, it is revealed that the Kaboom!s have reformed and have stopped exploding. It is also revealed that they can talk and that there are more colours of Kaboom!s than just the traditional black ones. There are also baby Kaboom!s known as Baby Boomers, which can help the player by blowing up objects that are in the way.

Midnight Synergy is currently working on a new installment to the Wonderland Adventures-series, which means the Kaboom!s will possibly return.


  • In MOFI, when the Kaboom!s sit down, it looks like their feet are deattached from their bodies.
  • In the Classic Trilogy, if the last Stinker in a level goes into an exit when a Kaboom! is next to it, the Stinker will die, but the level will still be complete.