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The legend speaks of an ancient Japanese demon named Kaa-Jin. Defeated by a Japanese hero in ancient times, Kaa-Jin now exists in spirit form, waiting to find a host. Once he does, he will rise again and the Earth will tremble.
~ The legend of Kaa-Jin

Kaa-Jin was one of the scariest demons on Strange and was an Oriental demon, being from ancient Japan. Kaa-Jin was unique because he existed in wraith-like spirit form and he needed his demon servant to resurrect him.


Kaa-Jin was unseen throughout most of the episode but his servant was doing his resurrection work. There were a group of choirboys who were selected as the victims for Kaa-Jin's resurrection. Kaa-Jin could only be resurrected through murder, as various body parts were needed to make him. What Kaa-Jin's servant did was work as a tattooist, but he was the demon servant who sought to free his master. Kaa-Jin's servant would tattoo a customer with a special tattoo, Kaa-Jin's old mark, and it was full of contaminative poison, which after a day or two would manifest.

Kaa-Jin's servant killed the town vicar, and decapitated him to use his body as the demon's body. Kaa-Jinn's servant would then kill the choirboys one by one and use their arms and legs as Kaa-Jin's. Gradually building up the master's body, the servant almost succeeded and when Jude, a nurse whose late husband had been the demon Azal, went to investigate the murders because they had all been customers of the shop, the tattooist revealed himself as a demon and imprisoned Jude. However, John Strange, the priest who was hunting demons, ran in and knocked the tattooist unconscious.

Kaa-Jin soon awakened and burst out of the cellar, incomplete (he had only one arm) and tried to strangle Strange. Jude screamed in horror at seeing the Undead monster in front of her. However, being in a human body, Kaa-Jin was susceptible to human weakness, and Strange made use of it by kicking him in the balls. He then said "Welcome to the human body Kaa-Jin." Kaa-Jin tried to fight back and Strange got the tattooist to stab his master from behind. The confusion this created caused Kaa-Jin to explode in flame, taking his servant with him.