KG Death Bots were the robotic force made by the Krimzon Guard before their dissolution. However, the KG Death Bots resurrected Erol and made him their leader.



The KG Death Bots were created by the KG to give them better force at Haven City.

War Factory

The KG Death Bots were produced from a war factory. Jak came to the way factory and attacked some KG Death Bots.


The Death Bots changed the corpse of Erol into a cybernetic man. He led them into an attack against the Freedom League and the Metal Heads. Their leader, Erol made contact with the Dark Makers.


After Erol's death, the KG Death Bots were most likely dismantled by the Freedom League.

Notable Death Bots


  • Briefly appeared in Jak II before their full appearance in Jak 3.