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K.A.R.R. (PPG)

K.A.R.R. is the main antagonist of the Powerpuff Girls episode "Coupe d'Etat", which parodies "Knight Rider" which has its same-named villainous car. He is a car which can also transform into a robot. His name stands for Kinetic Automatic Robotic Roadster. He can transform into a robot and even talk. He always is trying to keep Professor Utonium away from the girls, both figuratively and literally, because he wants someone to read to him and show him love. This is keeping him from showing love to the girls. Later, when the girls are trying to have a talk with K.A.R.R., they fight, and the Professor, unaware of how bad K.A.R.R. is being, sends the girls to bed, and lovingly waves good-night to the car. Later, when the Professor does see for himself what K.A.R.R. is like, he leaves K.A.R.R. out. Finally, he has captured the Professor inside him, planning to make sure the Professor is all his by destroying the girls. He then tries to push the eject button, but he can't, so the girls help him. Before they can fight, K.A.R.R. cries, revealing that he was jealous of the girls, and just wanted someone to give him attention. He no longer bothers them when the Professor has made a replacement of himself.

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