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Captain K'nuckles (simply known as K'nuckles) is a character in The Misadventures of Flapjack.

He was voiced by Brian Doyle-Murray.


K'nuckles is the self-proclaimed "Greatest Adventurer of All Time" who is hated by everyone (except Flapjack). He also as has an obsession with sweets including candy and maple syrup. Like Flapjack, K'nuckles' biggest dream is to find Candy Island so he could eat sweets forever.


K'nuckles is an extremely selfish, manipulative, egocentric, stubborn, greedy, and arrgoant man whocares for no-one but himself. K'nuckles is well aware that Flapjack looks up to him as a friend and hero and isn't afraid to take advantage of Flapjack. As seen in one episode, K'nuckles actually used Flapjack as a bet in a card game not caring weither he loses or not.

K'nuckles is also pretty much hated by everyone one else on Stormalong Harbor espically Bubby.  As seen in the episode "SHUT IT", many of the residents of Stormalong Harbor dislike K'nuckles mainly because of his rude behavior and telling of false tales.

Speaking of which, K'nuckles, at most times, is known for telling false tales that usuallly get him and/or Flapjack into trouble. However, in one rare situation, K'nuckles told a trueful story but due to lying so much, everyone including Flapjack didn't believe his story.

Despite his treatement toward Flapjack, K'nuckles still shows at certain times that he cares for him and thinks of him as a friend. After tricking Flapjack into getting stuck into a bottle to get him candy, feeling bad, K'nuckles got into a bottle and tried to rescue Flapjack.

Relationships with Others


The relationship between K'nuckles and Flapjack varies throughtout the series but can be easily described as love/hate. K'nuckles can easily get annoyed by Flapjack as seen in the episode "My Guardian Angel's Killin' Me!", K'nuckles fakes his own death in order to stop Flapjack from bothering him. However, K'nuckles does tend to be a friend to Flapjack and sometimes looks out for him.


K'nuckles and Buddy do not like each other at all. Buddy easily gets annoyed by K'nuckles' laziness and mistreatment of Flapjack. She stated in an episode that the only reason that she lets K'nuckles stay is that, for some reason, Flapjack still loves and respects him. K'nuckles also doesn't like Bubby's constant nagging which usually leads to him getting kicked out.

Stormalong Residents

Even though K'nuckles tries to make friends with the residents, they do not like him at all mainly due to his rude behavior. However, a group of characters known as the "Sea Urchins" do respect K'nuckles because of this behavior.


  • K'nuckles can be compared to Eddy as they are both greedy jerks that will do anything to get sweets.
  • His accent sounds somewhat Dutch or Scandinavian.

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