~ Jyunichi

Jyunichi is an antagonist in the Saints Row video game series, primarily appearing in Saints Row 2, as a supporting antagonist of the Ronin storyline. He also appears in Saints Row IV.


Jyunichi is the silent second-in-command and chief enforcer of the Ronin. He is a tall young man with a muscular body. His head is always shaven and he has numerous Japanese-style tattoos on several parts of his body. He is very skilled and resourceful in sword fighting, to the extent that he can effectively wield dual katana and never uses a gun. He also has a great sense of honor, and practices strict temperance against hedonism. Jyunichi is very loyal, respectful, and demonstrative to almost all Ronin members who possess a higher ranking than him. The only exception would be Shogo Akuji, who aside from being an ineffective leader, lacks the honor, valor, and discipline Jyunichi expects one in Shogo's position to have.