The Juvenile Sloar is a Sloar and a minor villain in the video game; Ghostbusters: the Video Game (The realistic version). It's a class 7 Ectoplasmic Outsider Deity. It also serves as the boss when the Ghostbusters are on Shandor Island.


Primary Canon Adorned in bright colors and posters, the Juvenile Curriculum appears to be an inviting place but the sound of deceased children laughing and talking can be heard. The Ghostbusters discover a mysterious Plush Dog with paranormal attributes. While in the room, a door slams on Ray Stantz. He, Egon Spengler, and the Rookie can't decipher what the voices are trying to tell them but they find a door that leads down to Special Collections.

Powers and Abilities

The Juvenile Sloar is a powerful ghostly creature. It posesses great physical strength, durability, and endurance.