You wanna make this city great again, this is how. With business, money.
~ Justin's argument with The Hood

Justin Claybourne is a minor but significant villain in the fifth season of Arrow, and is the father of Prometheus.

Claybourne was the owner of Claybourne Pharmaceuticals, an associate of the black market profiteers AK Desmond Group, and the man behind an outbreak of tuberculosis in Lamb Valley.

He was eventually killed by Oliver Queen / Green Arrow. After his death his son Simon Morrison, later known as Adrian Chase, spent 5 years training to aquire the same skill set as Oliver to avenge his father's death under the name "Prometheus".


Early Life

In around 1986, a woman, with the last name Morrison, conceived a son with her master, Justin Claybourne, and gave birth to him, naming him Simon. She eventually changed her name to "Amanda Westfield". Justin was eventually divorced from his wife, who made mention of this son. The boy would later grow up to develop the alias Adrian Chase.

Encounter With The Hood

Around twenty six years later, Claybourne had become the corrupt head of a pharmaceutical company with ties to the AK Desmond Group, a secretive organization that operated on the underground market. Justin was also on the List, a notebook obtained by Oliver Queen from his father, Robert Queen. The book was a compilation by Malcolm Merlyn of the shady rich business who had ruined Starling City, later known as Star City. At first it was believed The List contains the names of individuals who are damaging Starling City through various means, usually financial. It was later revealed the names on The List are actually corrupt benefactors that were leverage to contributing to The Undertaking or risk their illegal activities being known to the public.

Before the Undertaking, Claybourne released a weaponized tuberculosis in Lamb Valley, threatening many lives, while his Claybourne Pharmaceuticals produced a cure, Dycloseral, the price of which went from $10 a pill to $1,000 overnight. Justin Claybourne had a loving relationship with his son until he realized that his son had psychiatric issues and was in the process of disowning him.

As the Hood, Oliver tried to make Claybourne stop the operations and make things right, but that didn't work because Claybourne refused to correct his misdeeds, the Hood hunted him down at AK Desmond hideout and killed Claybourne, along with most of his guards. After his death, Claybourne Pharmaceuticals had to shut down.


After his death, Adrian Chase began ruthlessly training with Talia al Ghul and took up the mantle of "Prometheus", seeking vengeance for his father. Chase even did his research to discover that the Hood, Oliver Queen, and the Green Arrow were in fact the same person. Prometheus later made a hideout in an old manufacturing plant of Claybourne Pharmaceuticals. He managed to reproduce the Dycloseral drug, with the manufacturing plant reporting heavy usage of water and power over the last few months before December, 2016. 

Team Green Arrow tracked him down and fought Prometheus at this hideout, with Oliver suspecting that he is actually Justin himself, back from the dead to seek revenge. After Evelyn Sharp's betrayal and Prometheus's escape, the vigilantes left the plant. It was later investigated by Billy Malone, who located a baby photo at the company's CEO's office, causing Team Green Arrow to suspect Prometheus to be Justin's child. The Throwing Star Killer refused to confirm anything, abducting Billy and using him as bait for Oliver Queen at AK Desmond Group's old hideout.



Season 1

  • "Pilot" (mentioned)

Season 5

  • "What We Leave Behind" (flashback)
  • "Who Are You?" (mentioned)
  • "Spectre of the Gun" (mentioned)
  • "The Sin-Eater" (mentioned)
  • "Checkmate" (mentioned)
  • "Honor Thy Fathers" (mentioned)


  • In the comics, Adrian Chase's father was a wealthy lawyer who believed used the law to help his clients, even though he knew that they were guilty. Chase's father didn't care which would upset his son and inspire him to become the Vigilante.
  • He is very much similar to Roland Daggett from Batman: The Animated Series, where Daggett unleashed a biological virus in hopes of making a huge profit. His scheme was eventually foiled by Batman and Cat Woman. Claybourne's unleashed a biological virus in Arrow so he can make a large profit for his company. He scheme was stopped by the Hood.
  • He is very much similar to Norman Osborn from Spider-Man. After Osborn's death, his son Harry became a criminal to avenge the dead of his father and became enemies with his best friend Peter Parker, who is actually the costumed crime fighter known as Spider-Man Just like in Arrow, Oliver considered Chase to be his best friend until he realized that Chase was actually his worst enemy wanting to avenge his father. Unlike in Spider-Man, Peter didn't actually kill Osborn and in the show, Oliver actually did kill Claybourne.


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