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Justin TD

Full Name
The Eye Candy
Total Drama Series
Contestant on Total Drama and a member of The Drama Brothers
Powers / Skills
His good looks and manipulation
Hanging out with his friends, looking at a mirror of himself, spending quality time with Beth (formerly), Izzy (formerly), Unknown girl (formerly) and now with Katie or Sadie (formerly)
To eliminate the other contestants and win the million dollar prize (all failed)
Type of Villain
Blackmailer, Deal Maker, Incompetent Villain
I'm not just another gorgeous face, and abs, and butt, and shoulders, okay? I'm also a master strategist, and this year, I'm in it to win it.
~ Justin in Monster Cash
Justin is a Total Drama series character who served as the minor character in Total Drama Island, and returned as the main, later secondary antagonist of the Total Drama Action season; the character was found to be unworkably ineffective as a villain (as a result of his laziness as well as his fear of ugliness) and replaced in the role by Courtney, who did not enter the show until midway through the season, after which she eventually causes his elimination. In an ironic twist of fate, when Courtney finally started competing, Justin fell in love with her, which she used to get him eliminated.

In the overall story of TDA, Justin was the main antagonist for the first half, but was demoted to the secondary antagonist. He was ultimately outranked and eliminated by the true main villain.

Justin's most notable characteristic is his allegedly divine attractiveness, which can instantly put all the female characters (and even sometimes the males, mainly Owen, as well as some animals) into a daze. His "powers", according to Izzy, can manipulate any girl into doing or saying whatever he wants. Chris McLean said that he got on the show simply because of his looks and that he almost made him believe in the "inherent goodness of the human race" (key word almost). Justin is fully aware of his supposed powers, as revealed in the one-hour special, where he starts manipulating others with them for the first time. He is constantly seen shirtless, and a "sexy" motif often plays whenever he appears onscreen. In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Heather uses him to distract Gwen while she is walking across a wooden plank over shark infested waters, but Owen also got distracted.

In Total Drama Action, Justin forms an alliance with Beth and Lindsay and makes them do all the work for him, which is exactly what Heather did in the first season. The most villainous thing he ever did was blackmailing Gwen into eliminating herself when she felt guilty, and, along with his teammates, to get Gwen to throw the challenge for them due to Trent doing the same which led to his elimination, which she carried out largely. As the season progresses, the other contestants grow weary of his manipulative ways. He also suffers a series of injuries, especially to the face, and fears that his good looks have been destroyed.

After the events of Season Two, Justin eventually redeemed himself to the point of forming a boy band with Trent, Cody, and Harold and hasn't done an evil act since. He did not compete in Total Drama World Tour (though provided some music with his band mates in some of the Aftermaths), nor does he compete in Total Drama All-Stars.


  • Beth
  • Cody
  • Harold
  • Leshawna
  • Lindsay
  • Owen
  • Trent



  • Justin along with Alejandro both charmed the female contestants to get further into the season.
  • Justin along with Mal are the only antagonists not to be placed on the Villainous Vultures.
  • Justin is one of the seventeen contestants who has competed on two seasons so far. The others are Alejandro, Sierra, Trent, Geoff, Beth, Ezekiel, Cody, Tyler, Cameron, Lightning, Zoey, Scott, Jo, Mike, Sam, and Noah.
  • Justin only caused the elimination of three contestants:
    • Trent: Justin found out that Trent has been throwing challenges for Gwen's team and accuses Gwen of being in an alliance with Trent. Gwen told the Grips to vote Trent off in order to prove there is no alliance between her and Trent.
    • Gwen: Justin blackmails Gwen by telling her that she owes them. Gwen, feeling guilty over Trent's elimination, did what she was told and make her team lose in The Chefshank Redemption and she votes for herself later that night.
    • Izzy: In Full Metal Drama, Justin manipulates Lindsay and Beth to vote for Izzy because she told him he isn't good looking.
    • However, only Gwen and Izzy are well aware of his involvement in their elimination.
    • Coincidentally, all three of them are his former Screaming Gophers teammates.

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