Justice Template:InfoboxJustice(Codename:TYPE-0053) is Huge Mutated Zombie and a

boss in the game The House of The Dead 4


Justice is a Large Mutation  with 4 arms red tattos in left arm bandage in his head Yellow eyes a constantly open mouth and tongue and prison Chain


Justice (Type 0053) aka Iustitia is the first boss of The House of the Dead 4. It appears near the end of Chapter 1 when it suddenly grabs James Taylor and Kate Green. It chases James and Kate through the sewers until it is defeated. It also later appears during Chapter 1 of The House of the Dead 4: Special battling G and Kate. It is large and has four arms. Its weak point is shown to be its mouth, and throwing a grenade near the mouth will make Justice swallow it (thus the grenade explodes inside it) and will cancel its attack meter.

Shooting its legs will also cause minimal damage, but is almost useless. However, some players have been known to use this to rack up accuracy points during the first-type attack phase. Trying this on the second type of attack would cause certain damage to the player(s).

Justice has two methods of attack. The first method is to chase the player(s) through the sewers with its arms open to grab them (leading to a Shake phase). As long as its cancel bar is not depleted fully, it will continue this up to four times. For the fifth time, it would repeat the process, but this time the player would not be able to shake it off and would receive damage. As previously stated, throwing a grenade near Justice would cause it to swallow it and automatically cancel this attack phase.

For the second method of attack, Justice will charge towards the player(s) with its arm covering its face. After taking a number of steps, it will then drop down and kick the player(s) as it falls. Grenades are ineffective against it in this attack phase and the only way to cancel this attack is to shoot its mouth, depleting its cancel meter before it completes its attack.


  • It is currently unknown whether the Justice faced in 4: Special is the same as the one in 4. However, considering the original is seen melting into black goo, it seems unlikely.
  • Justice, like Temperance, shares its name with a Cardinal Virtue (or Auditio).
  • Justice seems to bear a red tatoo on its left shoulder. Given that Temperance has tatoos on him, it could be implied that Justice and Temperance are the leaders of some zombie groups.
  • His name is English for "Iustitia".
  • Justice appears in spinoff game House of the Dead-Ex, in which his boss scene has been spoofed. In this one, he attacked Zobiko & Zobio as he needed help to brush his teeth. After defeating him by brushing his teeth, he becomes an antihero & helps Zobiko & Zobio in one mission by catching zombie enemies.