The Jurassic Creeps are a gang of mechanical evil dinosaurs and are the archenemies of the Dinobonoids.


Thanks to Mandy's persuasion, Billy decides to get rid of his Dinobonoid action figures thinking he is too old for them. Grim makes the toys come to life, and shrinks Billy to their sizes so he can have a last adventure with them. But The Jurassic Creeps, the purported archenemies of Dinoboids, become aware of Grim's scythe and managed to steal it from him to use its powers to rule the world; however, the magic that made them come alive runs out just in time, and the toys become inanimate once again. Billy reverts to his normal size too, but he stays trapped inside the box in which the action figures came.


  • Triceratron - a mutant robot orange Triceratops and is the leader of the Jurassic Creeps and he is the enemy of Professor Gaylord. Voiced by Frank Welker.
  • Jurassic Creep #2 - a mutant robotic turquoise Pteranodon without wings and he usually speaks a bit. Voiced by Quinto Flynn.
  • Jurassic Creep #3 - a mutant robotic purple Albertosaurus who is one of the shorter members, but still big and he just spoke a little bit. Voiced by Betty White.
  • Jurassic Creep #4 - a mutant mechanical red Dryosaurus who likes to destroy things like other villains and he just spoke a little, too. Also voiced by Quinton Flynn.
  • There were other Jurassic Creeps that weren't seen as toys and they were seen in the beginning in Toys Will Be Toys. There was a yellow Megalosaurus, a red Coelophysis, and a green Allosaurus (all seen with Triceratron); and a blue Corythosaurus, a teal Deinosuchus, a light yellow Carcharodontosaurus, and a red violet Apatosaurus (all hit by Billy).