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Juno Skinner is the secondary main antagonist in the action movie True Lies. She worked with Salim Abu Aziz.

She was portrayed by Tia Carrere of Wayne's World fame.

Juno Skinner is a beautiful woman. An arts and antiquities dealer, who was working for terrorists by collecting information for their organization with her feminine wiles. She also helps smuggle arms in to the U.S. by placing them into ancient artifacts. When asked why she is helping these raving psychotics (the terrorists), Juno replies "Because they're very well-funded raving psychotics, and I'm getting a lot of money! You think I care about their cause? Or yours? Not at all. See, America is on top now. But so was Rome, once. All civilizations crumble. One nation succeeding over another. What does it mean in the long run? The only important thing is to live well. And... living well takes money."


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