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Junkheap is a minor villain in the Transformers live action movie series who almost resembles Long Haul, except with the certain dump truck parts removed. His vehicle mode is a Waste Management Inc. garbage truck.

Dark of the Moon

Junkheap made a minor appearance in Dark of the Moon as one of the Decepticons who arrived on Washington via Space Bridge. He is notably seen scanning a garbage truck & then transforms into it & then left the scenery along with other unnamed Decepticons disguised as various civilian vehicles such as a fire truck & an ambulance. He is never seen again in the Battle of Chicago.

Age of Extinction

Junkheap is currently rumored to appear in Age of Extinction. It is unknown whether if he is the same Decepticon from Dark of the Moon or a lookalike.


  • Junkheap was not named in Dark of the Moon & is credited by viewers and fans as garbage truck Decepticon. He is only named when Age of Extinction was released.

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