Chaank Junior Executive

The unnamed Junior Executive of the Chaank Industries.

Listen, tread carefully around Dante.
~ An unnamed Junior Executive warning about Jack Dante.

This unnamed Junior Executive works for the Chaank Industries, a weapons manufacturer that was on the brink of disaster, before before being threaten by another disaster from one of their own, and she is a minor character from the 1994 British-American sci-fi/horror movie Death Machine.

She was portrayed by Rachel Weisz.

Though not truely evil, she is one of the board members of Chaank that for many years, been in some unfortunate and controversial incidents including the Hardman Project.

She understands the intentions that her new employer Hayden Cale has for the good of the company, she fears her mistake of firing the industry's weapons designer Jack Dante, could prove to be dangerous for everone else at Chaank.

It is unknown whether she survived from Dante's vicious vendetta against the Chaank CEO Hayden Cale, or she is another of the casualities of the mad weapon designer's deadly creation.