My home... Huh? My TV! My Jungle! HAAAAAAAA!
~ Jungle Man upon seeing his home and TV destroyed

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Jungle Man is the antagonist in CatDog episode, It's a Jungle in Here!. He live in CatDog's house when it turns into a jungle.


Cat invites his love interest Sally over to his house and CatDog tidies the inside of the house and then sees the empty spot on the grassy floor, and Dog pours the entire bag of fertilizer to fill it in. Later, CatDog's house has turned into a jungle. Then, Sally rings the doorbell, CatDog tries to go to the door, but the tree is in the way, which Jungle Man lives here and watching TV. Dog intentionally destroys the Jungle, including Jungle Man's home and the TV, by cutting down the tree with a tennis racket. Jungle Man calls all the mob of animals to hunt down CatDog. Cat tries to answer the door, but CatDog had to deal with Jungle Man and the angry mob of animals. At the end of the episode, Cat finally answers the door, and Jungle Man knock down the door, and sees Sally with her wild makeover on, and starts falling in love with her. Jungle Man and Sally starts to make out and Dog said that they make a nice couple, much to Cat's dismay.


  • This episode "It's a Jungle in Here" is a parody of Jumanji.
  • Like Rancid Rabbit and Gopher, he is voiced by Billy West.