Jung Chung is an unhinged crime boss and overall the main antagonist in the 2013 South Korean film New
Jung chang

He is played by Hwang Jung Min


Jung Chung is a Chinese-descended Korean and former head of the China branch of Goldmoon and potential successor to the chairman. His second-in-command Ja-sung is secretly an undercover cop whose gangster lifestyle is getting to him. Jung Chung is known to maintain close ties to the Triads.

Before boarding a flight he is approached by Chief Kang and his team and offered a chance to work with him and avoid prosecution after Kang reveals evidence against him but refuses but sees crucial information of the police investigation on the crime syndicate. He then tries to bribe Kang with a large sum of money but is further insulted when it is thrown on the ground. This causes Chung to have hackers dig into the police which reveals three undercover cops under his employ, including Ja-sung. He murders Ja-sung's handler and go instructor and his right-hand-man Seok-mo to which Ja-sung unaware about his true identity but spares Ja-sung as they are longtime friends.

Jung Chung is attacked by Lee's men after Kang convinces Lee Chung has been working with the police all

along. He later dies.