(Lying) There was... there was blood. Much blood. We lost our child, Peter. We lost it again, Peter, sorry.
~ June Van Damme

June Van Damme is a character from the Belgian soap opera Familie. She is portrayed by Katrien De Becker since May 2009.


June starts a relationship with the businessman Peter Van Den Bossche and starts working in his company as commercial director. When Peter wants to end their relationship, she lies about being pregnant and later lies about having a miscarriage. When Peter learns the truth about June, he is furious and wants to divorce.

June then starts working in the new company of Peters sister Veronique. Just like Peter, she has a fashion company, Vero Bello. June invests money in Vero Bello, so she can do what she wants and can blackmail Veronique when she doesn't agree with her.

When Peter starts a model agency, one of June's spies starts working there. Eventually, she drugs Peter and takes pictures of him, drugged. June then blackmails Peter with this photos.