Jumper is the antagonist in the comedy/horror film Eight Legged Freaks.

The Jumpers are like all the other spiders, they belonged to a spider farmer before they all got exposed to noxious chemicals that made them grow to the size of a man, with some of them (like Consuela) being even bigger. Their intelligence also enhanced as well, to the point that they became part of hierarchy within their fellow giant spiders.

Due to them being the first type of spiders that seen attacking humans and openly seen wandering the area around the mine, they mainly taking main role as scouts.


In beginning of the film where Joshua, the spider farmer, showed a kid named Mike his spiders, including Jumping Spiders. They were being fed crickets by Joshua, whom describe to Mike how they kill (which he called "arac attack"). After Mark leaves, Tank the tarantula (whom intelligence has already developed due to noxious chemicals) bites Joshua. His agonizing pain caused him to knocks other spider cages around him, causes a number of other spiders moved together to kill him while others flee. They then start to grow to the size of adults as their intelligence developed to the equal level with primates'.

Soon after, as all mutated spiders formed hierarchy between themselvses, Jumpers are given role as scouts, whom then proceed to scouting the area outside the mine. They, along with other spiders presumed responsible for missing pets. Later on, two of them spots Fred on the dunes just as Ashley dumps him. Fred spots these spider, and flee in terror just as another Jumping spiders met their friends and they decided to follow the humans to the abandoned gas station, where they found out that the gas station was the place where Fred and his motorcyclist friends hanging out.

While the Jumping spiders developing schemes for the ambush on the gas station's roof,  Fred tries to tell his friend what has happened. The boys thinking that it was a joke, until a jumping spiders lungs toward him. Everyone screams as it happened, something that has became their plans all along. The rest of the jumping spider then follows, thought some of the motorcyclist managed to escapes. The chase ensues, where at one point, a smokescreen accidently created as one of the spiders stumbles on one of the motorcycle. Possibly due to some are injured, they change their methods to capture the boys: by grabbing them just as their motorcycle flew iin the air. This proved more effective, but not for Fred as one of them, wom trying to capture the young man, ended up kicked.

All seems well, until one of the Jumpers accidently crashes on a lorry. The said lorry, along with it's container flips, breaking the Jumpers' formation. To made matter worse, the lorry crashes on the telegraph line, set ablaze and explodes, killing some of them. However, some of the Jumpers survived albeit at least one of them receives burns. Now angrier than before, they resume their chase, though unfortunately lost him as he accidently cause the enterance collapse.

Tank and the other spiders attacks the town and chasing other peoples to Prosperity Mall.

Tank rips open the steel gates that the humans are using and allows the other spiders to attack the humans.

It's legs are seen pushing a tracter that the humans were using to block the spiders away, and then the smaller spiders chase after the humans. The Jumpers are killed along with the other spiders in the explosion.