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Julius (also translated as Yurius in the Japanese version) is the main antagonist of the second generation of Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu as well as the final boss. His parents are Arvis and Deirdre, half-siblings who were bred by Manfroy so that their child, Julius, would be the reincarnation of Loptyr. However, his twin sister, Julia, was born with full Naga blood. Some time before the second generation begins, Manfroy gives Julius the tome of Loptyr, which corrupted his soul and causes him to kill his mother, and the only thing that stopped him from killing Julia as well was Deirdre's last action: warping Julia to safety. He is responsible for the Child Hunt, an event unfolding in Seisen no Keifu as well as Thracia 776, in which children are brutally trialed and brainwashed to serve Loptyr. He appears to be in love with Ishtar, who seems to be the only one he honestly cares about, he has also been shown to be jealous to others close to her (as shown in Thracia 776 when he tells Ishtar that he dislikes Reinhardt and how he looks at her, and threatens to kill him if he appears in front of them again.)In the final battle, he tries to use the powers of Loptyr to kill Seliph but he and Julia with the powers of Tyrfing and Naga combined were able to kill him.

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