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Julio is a character on Starz TV series Power.

He is portrayed by J.R. Ramirez.


Julio is an enforcer for Ghost and Tommy Egan, he also has his girlfriend to do drug muling until she gets shot by an assassin that is trying shut down Ghost's drug operation. He and Tommy kidnap Miguel Alvarez and his girlfriend but Ghost spares the girlfriend kills Miguel. They kidnap another stick up artist that tries to rob Julio and his colleague but gets stopped by Tommy and burns him to death.

Julio is loyal and does not ask questions or complain. He is Cuban-American.

Julio works under Tommy but doesn't like working for him, he prefers working under Ghost. He then comes to the nightclub to try and get Ghost back on top again but Ghost refuses, when it turned out it was Ghost who got Julio out of trouble with the street gangs and had Julio working under his wing instead