Juliette Silverton was one of the main characters of the television series Grimm. Juliette was a domestic animal veterinarian and a Hexenbiest; she was one of the main protagonists of Grimm, however, she later becomes the main antagonist of season 4.

She was portrayed by Bitsie Tulloch.


Juliette Silverton was Nick's girlfriend who works as a veterinarian. She spent much of her childhood in Spain with her grandmother, and as a result is fluent in Castilian Spanish (though, her spoken accent is similar to that found in Latin America). Although Marie suggested that Nick should leave Juliette for her safety, Nick has decided to stay with her. He postponed his original plans to propose to her while he explores his new life as a Grimm. However, in episode 16 (Season 1, Episode 16), Nick decided to propose to Juliette, only for her to turn him down due to her feeling as though he is hiding something from her. It appears she is being overwhelmed by the recovering memories. To help her, she contacts the Mexican woman she met in "La Llorona". She tells Juliette to concentrate in a single memory at a time to completely remember them. In "Kiss of the Muse", she returns to the trailer by herself and remembers what Nick told her the first night she went there. In "The Waking Dead", Juliette convinces Monroe to reveal to her the truth of Grimms and the Wesen world, with Rosalee, Bud and Monroe wogeing in front of her to reveal the truth. From that point on, she starts to become increasingly interested in Nick's Grimm activities, even joining him and his allies in fighting zombies, later assisting Nick in finding the cure for a rare disease that gives humans a Wesen-like appearance. She became a hexenbiest after using a spell to sleep with Nick to give him back his Grimm Powers, which has led to drastic changes in her personality, causing her to become far colder and less empathetic, started fighting with everyone she comes across with, and develop an enthusiastic enjoyment of the powers she now possesses. She begins working for the Royals after learning Adalind had become pregnant with Nick's child, torching Nick's trailer and luring his mother into a trap so the Royals could take Diana. She was later killed by Trubel when the latter shot her with a crossbow in the Season Four finale, "Cry Havoc", after trying to kill Nick.