Juliette Barnes is the main antagonist in Nashville tv series. Juliette Barnes is the princess of country. She was discovered in Country fair in Alabama when she was a kid by Glenn Goodman who was a talent manager. Helped her launch her career to the top of Country Music. Juliette grew up with an alcoholic and drug addict mother in a trailer park and her father was in the army and died when she was a kid. But her biggest problem that she was raised by her mother who neglected and treat her badly when she was a drunk. She was biggest star in Edgehill Records and the biggest teen star of the world. She was an arrogant diva who always competes against Rayne James for the Queen of Country. She got into trouble with the law when she was shoplifting a tube lipstick. She was never charged and mostly everything she always does always fall on her face. When she married Tennessee Titan Sean Butler, who was good looking and a nice guy. But she hurt him and decide to go through the annulment like it never happened. She spent most of the series always screwing up her life. Juliette always had ups and downs, even her biggest fear in season 3 when she is pregnant and planning to put the kid for adoption. She was trying to protect the kid from her lifestyle and her screw ups. Also she is afraid of turning into her own mother, she was neglected and treated badly by her and she might do the same thing to her kid. Who knows.


  • First Half of season 3, she was a train wreck. The second half she reformed and made amends.
  • 1-2 she was a main antagonist.
  • Season 3 first half she was a tragic character and minor antagonist. Second half of the third season she officially reformed to a protagonist and hero around season 3-5.