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Back when The Penguin was campaigning for mayor of Gotham City, she was photographed by Ricky Squib while fraternizing with Penguin with several other  dressed up as Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy. Once she learned that her new boyfriend, Bruce Wayne, had a deep disgust for The Penguin, she hired the assassin Dead Shot to take out Detective Harvey Bullock and the pictures that he held after Dead Shot killed Ricky Squib.


Julie  ran into more problems after this—her  affections Bruce wasn't returned by him, and he seemed to be running off right before their dates. Though Bruce attempted to make it work, Batman proved that, once again, he was unable to carry on a relationship with a woman for any length of (though the one with Julie had lasted a record six months). Julie attempted to leave for Star City to start a new life, fortunately she was caught at the airport by Batman, who handcuffed her for hiring a hit on Bullock.

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